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Jackson Witte

"My mom likes to tell a story about me when I was out riding my bike (a super-sweet bike with 10-inch hard plastic wheels and bent up training wheels) in our cul-de-sac.  I was two years old, just about to turn three, going around and around pretending I was a world class racer when my mom ducked inside to check on my baby sister.  When she came back out, I was still riding my fast laps, but no longer had training wheels on my bike!   Two years later, the day my younger sister learned to ride her bike without training wheels, I challenged her to race down a hill near my house.  The race ended with my sister losing control of her bike and going headfirst over her handle bars and losing a front tooth.  Another two years later, my little brother got his training wheels off, so I offered to race him in the cul-de-sac.  That race ended up with him losing control, hitting the curb, flying off his bike and losing a front tooth.  When my youngest sister learned to ride without training wheels my parents told me that if I EVER offered to race her, they would knock out two of my front teeth!   
In short, I came out of the womb loving to ride and race.  Not much has changed since then.  Well, my bikes got a little more expensive, but I still love the thrill of riding fast.  About a year ago, I competed in my first mountain bike race.   Aa 12 year old, I won the junior division and have been hooked ever since.  Recently I competed in the Omba Caramba race in my hometown of Springfield, MO.  I entered in the cat 2 division and finished 5th place amongst a large pool of grown men.  I am super stoked to be on the Adventure Bicycle Company Team and look forward to testing and developing my skills in all categories of cycling.  When I can find a ride, you can find me out shredding at our local Two Rivers and SAC River bike parks."


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